Eau De Parfum Étui Noir 50ml
Eau De Parfum Étui Noir 50ml
Miller Harris

Eau De Parfum Étui Noir 50ml

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Describing leather in multiple forms - from patent boots, to gentle suede to the scent of a well worn leather jacket, Étui Noir is all of these and more. An enthralling leather perfume, the effect of suede-like leather is softened with the power of Iris, where the balsamic sweetness of incense add depth and vetiver adds am edge of grunge and earth. Exhilarating yet comforting, Étui Noir is a scent of contrast. 

A visual interpretation of fragrance, the scent of mosaic is made up of a series of colours, each representing a heart or top note. 

Top: Bergamot Italy EO, Tangerine, Elemi Gum

Heart: Iris Butter Morocco, Incense, Cashmere Wood, Styrax EO

Base: Patchouli Indonesia EO, Vetiver Haiti EO, Leather, Amber, Birth EO, Ladbanum Abs

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